Main Course

Mutton Tikia Masala

Fried Minced Mutton or Mutton Keema patties served over a spicy onion gravy. A unique Mughlai recipe you would not want to miss.

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Thukpa is a traditional one-pot noodle soup recipe which originated in Tibet. An easy to make soul food with lots of vegetables.

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Beetroot Chops

Kolkata style Beetroot Chops are simple cutlets filled with smashed beetroots and potatoes. A vegetarian snack, perfect for tea time.

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About Us

Hiee ! We're the Giggling couple, Priyanka and Souvik. Our Love for food has led to the creation of this blog where we want to share our recipes with you all. We do a lot of experimenting in our kitchen and only those recipes which come out good make it to the blog. We do not follow any particular style of cooking and neither are we trained professionals..Idea is just to experiment, make good food, laugh and have loads of fun.

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