by | Feb 16, 2016 | Desserts

Semifreddo… Love and this dessert… A match made in heaven… A beautiful combination of rum, cherries, white chocolate and hazelnut in a smooth creamy mixture of egg white and yolks. It was a perfect treat for the Valentines Day! My hubby just loved it and the kids were diving for the cherries. The little one is so fond of cherries that she was after my life to take them to the table for garnishing and helped us in the shoot. She was looking so appealing that my hubby darling could not resist clicking her. A photo shoot for the dessert got postponed and the little one became the model. It was so easy to make her pose and shoot as if she is naturally born with it .The other one kept on diving at the cherries…Lol…

The process of making this semifreddo was quite easy…It seems difficult to many because of the number of steps involved. I personally found it easy… I pitted and chopped the canned cherries and dried them with a paper towel till the time I prepared the other stuffs. Those white chocolate chips… AAH!!! They made my heart melt… So I finally thought to add in some melted chocolate into the semifreddo mixture… And and Valentines Day around the corner… What better than adding some booze to the same. At first I was skeptical about the addition wondering about the consistency of the dessert. But finally held on to my breath and poured in some generous amount of Dark Rum… Ummm!!! The perfect aroma that arose was more than enough to drive my love crazy. Initially my thoughts went on how would the egg smell in a dessert without getting cooked… But believe me forget your fears and dive into this…You won’t even get a hint of the eggs… In fact you will fall in love with the taste…

Valentines or No Valentines… This dessert will always be on my top lists… And I will make it whenever I can!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

Prep Time:25 minutes
Cook time:0 minutes
Serves : 6, Level : Medium


250 gms Pitted Cherries

4 Egg Yolks

2 Tsp Vanilla Essence (Sieved)

1/3 Cup Caster Sugar

1 & 1/2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream

3 Egg Whites

1 Cup White Chocolate Chips

1 & 1/2 Tbsp Dark Rum

1/4 Cup Hazelnuts(Chopped)

1/8 Cup Melted White Chocolate(For Garnishing)

Pitted Cherries(For Garnishing)



1. Roughly chop the cherries and pat them dry with a paper towel. Set aside.

2. In a bowl beat in the heavy whipped cream with an electric mixer till soft peaks form. Refrigerate.

3. In another big bowl beat egg yolks, vanilla essence and sugar for 2-3 mins or until thick or creamy.

4. Beat egg whites in a separate bowl until stiff peaks form.

5. Gently fold in the whipped cream, chopped cherries, melted chocolate, rum, white chocolate chips and hazelnuts into the egg yolk mixture.

6. Fold egg whites in three batches into the above cream mixture.

7. Grease a loaf pan. Line the base and sides with parchment paper.

8. Spoon the cream mixture into the prepared loaf pan. Cover with a cling film and freeze overnight or until firm.

9. Turn onto a plate. Garnish with cherries or as desired.

My Tip: Ensure the cling film sticks onto the surface of the semifreddo mixture and there are no gaps. If there is a gap then it will lead to formation of ice crystals.