Sikkim Style Wai Wai

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Breakfast & Snacks

During our stay at Siliguri, my hubby dearest had to go to Gangtok for official work often. He had this Wai Wai there and came home and told me all about it. It sounded so exciting that I couldn’t resist myself from trying it. He being a foodie explained me every flavor and stage so well that it was quite a simple thing to prepare … So here goes the Lazy Sunday Breakfast or Snacking Item…


2 Packs Chicken Flavoured Wai Wai

1 TbspButter (or Refined Oil)

1/2 Capsicum (Small Size)

1 Large Sized Onion

2 Fresh Red Chillies

1/2 Cup Water


1. Thinly slice the Onion and Capsicum (Thick juliennes) and chop the chillies.

2. Now take 1 tbsp Butter in a wok and fry the onion, capsicum and chillies till they are a little tender.

3. Now crush the Wai Wai inside the packets and add to the wok.

4. Add the Seasoning , Oil and Chilli Powder provided inside the packet.

5. Fry on high flame for 2-3 mins stirring constantly.

6. Now add ½ cup water and fry on high flame till the water gets completely dried up.

7. Serve Hot.